Start feeling better today!

Now you have the the opportunity to reap the benefits of Somatic Education anytime, anywhere! Choose a video or audio recording, and I will lead you through a Somatics lessons, guiding and explaining how to do and sense the movements. Most of the lessons are done lying on the floor, some are done seated, or standing.
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Neck, Jaw, Face and Shoulders | AUDIO Lesson

You'll be amazed at how much tension is held in this area of the body. Let it go and feel how your  whole body changes.

Somatics for Breathing, Rib cage and Wrist Pain | AUDIO lesson

Do you have wrist pain? Shortness of breath? Rib "out"? This is a great lesson to free the thoracic region and more.

Somatics for SI (Sacroiliac) Joint Pain | AUDIO Lesson

Learn how to take care of this critical area of your body. Changes will spread up and down the body too. 

The Daily Supple-ment | 2 AUDIO downloadable lessons

Brand new to Somatics? This is the best place to start!

This lesson is also included in the Think Somatics Online Classroom 

Fix Your Feet With Somatics | VIDEO Lesson

Go from sore feet to happy ones in no time! 

Seated and Standing Somatics | AUDIO Lesson

This is a great lesson for desk workers, commuters and anyone who wants to sneak in a few Somatics moves to their day, any time. anywhere. 

Get More with the Think Somatics Online Classroom!

On this page you'll find Kristin's individual classes for sale. Can't decide which class to get? Searching for more than what is offered here?  Check out Kristin's awesome Think Somatics Online Classroom! There you have access to tons of lessons, including many that are offered here. She adds lessons regularly, so your brain will be stimulated with new experiences all the time.
Sections in the Think Somatics Online Classroom
  • Introduction to Somatics
  • Somatics for Upper Body
  • Somatics for Lower Body
  • Somatics for Full Body
  • Somatics for Fuller Living
  • Seated and Standing Somatics lessons
  • Brief Somatics Lessons | 30 minutes or less
  • and more!
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You are your greatest teacher

Think about this: who taught you to walk? You did! By exploring and being curious about the things around you and how you could move, your brain and nervous system started to lay down neural pathways, between your brain and body, to get you up and about. It was a gradual process, literally one step at a time. But you did it!

Fast forward... here you are now, with aches, pains, maybe even thinking your age is the problem. No way! You most likely have a case of sensory motor amnesia (SMA). Your brain has forgotten how to move you with ease.

Over your life time of accidents, stressors, repetitive motions, and being in one position (sitting) a lot, you've pruned away the good neural pathways, and "learned" the way you move --or don't move-- today.

In a way, your brain has gotten good at holding you back from living a life of freedom.

Lucky for you, you have a brain, a nervous system and a body. The three tools to learn to move well so you can live well.

Your brain is plastic, meaning you can start relearning to move like you did when you were younger.  You can change at any age, and I'm here to help. That's why I create all these lessons, designed to help you help yourself. 

Take a look around. No matter what lesson you choose, you will be freeing your whole body to move well so you can live well. 

The choice is yours!


I had sciatica in my late 30s, which eventually resolved. Unfortunately, on New Year's Day 2019, it returned with a vengeance. I couldn't move without 10+ pain! I couldn't walk without the aid of my trekking poles. I contacted Kristin for an online session (we live in different towns). She immediately assessed the situation, helped me lower my anxiety level, gave me some gentle safe movements to practice a bit every day, and within two days I was totally pain free!
MG, Bellingham, WA
Thank you Kristin! I love the online live somatics classes. Doing a one-on-one session has really helped integrate my personal issues. I feel so blessed to have found you online as there are no somatics practitioners here in Cape Town. I have been struggling with chronic pain and tightness and somatics is helping me find release and empowering me to be my own practitioner. You articulate the process so well and I look forward to more.
Lisa, Cape Town, South Africa
I've taken Kristin's group classes, online courses and 1-on-1 sessions and benefitted deeply from each format. Her instruction is clear, fun, safe  and accessible. The Somatics work is so safe and gentle, yet profoundly transformative. It's a practice of self-liberation through inquiry and intuitive movement. It gives a person D-I-Y skills of self-reliance from pain pills and dependency on expensive adjustments from various body work styles.

Kristin reminds me to thank my brain, because it's re-educating my muscles into finding relaxation and homeostasis.
Emily, Vancouver, WA
For the past two days I have been able to fix myself and fix every pain every time.  Heel pain. back pain.  foot pain.  All from a chair.  Normally I would be planning to call my chiropractor.  I think those days are finally over. I am very thankful. I just wanted you to know and to say thank you.
Pat, Canby, OR
"I was so grateful for the session today! About an hour after I got home, my shoulders opened up even more. Kristin made me feel so respected and I know that sense of safety helped me let go of the old defense patterning and expand."
Sarah,, Alberta, Canada
"Somatics has changed my life. To not be in constant pain is such a relief. When I first started I felt instant changes and almost couldn't believe how simple it is. I do my Somatics movements everyday with the knowledge that it is so beneficial to and for me. ​Many thanks, Kristin!"
Suzi, Portland, Oregon​
My doctor told me my hip pain was because I had had two babies, was over 70 and had arthritis. It took me just a few days to really sense the moves you taught me and the pain is gone!

Sandy, Cookeville, TN
Hey, Kristin! Just got through with the Stiff Necks video and I feel amazing!
As a person who has done yoga for over a decade, I can't believe there is something that can help me feel even more relaxed, open and integrated.  Somatics is amazing!  And so are you!  Thank you for making this format of learning and healing available.
Megan, Portland, OR
Hi Kristin! I have been practicing the movements.... I have noticed some interesting shifts in my psyche and body. I am much more aware of when I tense up and I feel more space/less compression in my spine and neck. I have much less pain. :-)  Thank you. You are a wonderful teacher. :-) 
Mayanne, Paris, France


I'm a newbie! Where should I start?

If you are brand new, I suggest you start with the Daily Supplement lesson. If you are in need of special care, schedule an initial private lesson with me. I can work with you online, in my Portland OR studio, or when I'm on the road teaching. 

Are these lessons streaming or downloadable?

Any of the lessons on the page are downloadable. You get to keep these lessons forever and ever. You'll need to store them on your device, so be sure you have the storage space to do so. Check out the membership page if you want streaming lessons. 

I'm a visual learner, so I don't know about the audio lessons...

​Fitness classes are fast paced and you want to watch the instructor. Somatics is different. I guide through your lessons, slowly and with detailed descriptions. And you know what?  In my studio classes students have eyes closed as they listen to verbal cues.

Because these lessons have been taught to a live group before, I include a short video or photo of a particular move that might require visual guidance.

If you have a quick question, email me with the recording name and time on the lesson.

If you have lots of questions, please schedule a private lesson. (You'll get a recording of that lesson too. :-) 

Is Somatics suitable for me?

Somatics can help everyone! From those in pain to athletes wanting to enhance their game, and people of any gender, any age.

Somatics classes are not exercise classes. They are classes to enhance your brain's sensory-motor awareness of yourself via gentle, slow movement.

​Information shared in the lessons  is not meant to replace or negate medical advice. Talk with your health care providers about somatics. We encourage you to make your own health care decisions based upon your own research and in partnership with your health professionals.

Can I do Somatics on my bed?

You don't need any special equipment for this course. The lessons are done lying on the floor, so you'll benefit from a blanket, yoga mat or rug. Depending on your neck mobility at this time, you might want a thin pillow or folded towel/blanket to put under the back of your head.