Fix Your Feet With Somatics | VIDEO Lesson by Kristin Jackson

Fix Your Feet With Somatics | VIDEO Lesson

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58 mins

So long, poor achin' tootsies!

Do you suffer from sore feet, tight calves, or plantar fasciitis and find it takes a very long time to heal? That's because most people address it by focusing on their feet.
From the Clinical/Hanna Somatics perspective we address the whole body patterns that result in poor gait (walking) that can cause pain in the feet, achilles tendon, knees and hips.

Join Kristin Jackson as she teaches you how to free your habitually tight muscles of the waist, torso, and hips, so your body can move more freely all the way down to your tootsies.

Kristin has personal experience with extremely sore feet after she was hit by a car. With Somatic Education she was back on her feet in a matter of days and have been pain free since.

Get ready to free yourself of your restricted patterns of movement!

Go to the root of everything we do: our brains! By exploring how we currently move, we can learn how to move with more ease, by voluntarily learning to release tight muscles and have better control of them.

Clinical Somatics is unlike anything you’ve ever tried to get you out of pain.
  • it’s not treatment, it’s an education
  • its not stretching or strengthening
  • it puts you in charge of "fixing" yourself, but we really like to call it freeing yourself to move with ease
  • it’s based on what humans have been doing since mankind first started to walk, right up to we as babies learned how to function and grow It’s all about basic human function that in most industrialized nations, has been lost due to stress, less movement and products that help us adapt to our dysfunction

This lesson is done predominately while lying on the floor.
For this lesson you will need 
  • a quiet space on which to lie down (rug, floor or yoga mat)
  • a pillow or yoga block (optional)

​This is a VIDEO LESSON and approximately 60 minutes long.