Think Somatics Introductory Course by Kristin Jackson

Think Somatics Introductory Course

Learn how to free your body of habituated tension and get back to enjoying life to the fullest!

Fix your pain with the power of your brain

Do you have pain and tension in your body? Are you being held back from doing your favorite things in life? Are you tired of spending money and time on treatments that don't last?

And you’ve probably tried “everything” to help address your pains, but don’t get long term results. 

That’s because typical modalities address parts of your body. Somatics addresses the brain, the organ that controls everything you do, including how your muscles move your body.

With this course, Kristin Jackson, a certified Clinical Somatic Educator, wants to take you on a different path. 

Kristin helps people reclaim better functionality of their bodies through neuromuscular reeducation. Wait! Don’t glaze over or think, “That sounds too science-y, too hard to understand, or too woo-woo for me!”  

That’s part of the problem with our culture today. We have been trained to be disconnected from sensing and having control of how our bodies function. We’ve been dumbed down and numbed out to sense ourselves.

But you are smart! And with what Kristin will teach you, you'll drastically improve your brain-body intelligence, so you can get back to doing what you love to do! 
Kristin created this course to help you help yourself

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What You'll Learn in this Course

Day 1 
  • what Somatics is and how it works
  • 3 ways to assess your posture and gait
  • tips to get the most out of your Somatics practice
Day 2
  • learn how to release tension along the front and back of your body
  • important for all bodies, especially those who have tight low backs, sciatica, foot pain TMJD, digestive issues, brain fog
Day 3 
  • learn to release tension along the sides of your body
  • important for all bodies, especially those who have scoliosis, hip pain, knee pain, sciatica, piriformis syndrome
Day 4 
  • relearn how to move your torso for freer rotation 
  • perfect for all bodies, especially those who love to garden, golf, play pickle ball, walk, run, cycle, live life to the fullest
Day 5
  • put all the lessons together for a condensed, fluid Somatics routine 
Day 6
  • Bonus moves
Day 7
  • additional tips to keep progressing with your new found freedom of movement 
Also includes
  • a comments section for those enrolled to ask questions and share tips
  • access to a monthly live class that meets online
  • access to updates and new material for as long as you are enrolled in the course

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Praise for Kristin and Think Somatics

The recordings are very helpful for me to practice. You have a nice pace so I don't get lost mid-way. I really enjoy the classes!
Mary, Bellingham, WA
I really like the online classes. My neck feels as if it belongs to someone else, not my cranky stiff necked self! I felt so good, I put on music and danced around the house ... I sure felt limber and graceful!

Connie, Corvalis, OR
WOW!!! My body is absolutely LOVING this! I felt so many new sensations... Talk about freedom and ease!! You have truly exceeded my expectations, which were actually quite high! 😉😊 
Jaye, Turkey
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What's included?

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Welcome to the Think Somatics Introductory Course
Welcome! START HERE. :-)
2 mins
What is Clinical Somatics?
Tips for getting the most out of your Somatics practice
Lesson 1A -- Assess Your "Posture"
5 mins
Lesson 1B -- Assess Your Gait (walking patterns)
6 mins
Lesson 1C--Soma Scan
9 mins
Lesson 1 | Freeing Front and Back of the Body
Lesson 2 -- Arch and Flatten
9 mins
Lesson 2 | Freeing the Sides of the Body
Lesson 3 -- Hike Hikers
11 mins
Lesson 3 | Freely Rotating from the Center of the Body
Lesson 4 -- Steeple Twist
20 mins
Lesson 4 | Putting it All Together
Lesson 5 -- Putting All the Moves Together
12 mins
Bonus Moves | Think Somatics Introductory Course
Bonus Move 1--Flower
5 mins
Bonus Move 1a--variation on Flower
6 mins
Follow Up Tips | Think Somatics Introductory Course
What's next?
Why a Bicycle That Turns The Opposite Way When You Steer It is a Perfect Example of Motor Learning and Somatics


Is the course streaming or downloadable?

This is a streaming course. No need to download and store the data on your devices.

Is Somatics suitable for me?

Somatics can help everyone! From those in pain to athletes wanting to enhance their game, and people of any gender, any age.

Somatics classes are not exercise classes. They are classes to enhance your brain's sensory-motor awareness of yourself via gentle, slow movement.

​Information shared in the lessons  is not meant to replace or negate medical advice. Talk with your health care providers about somatics. We encourage you to make your own health care decisions based upon your own research and in partnership with your health professionals.

Do I need any special equipment do to Somatics?

You don't need any special equipment for this course. The lessons are done lying on the floor, so you'll benefit from a blanket, yoga mat or rug. Depending on your neck mobility at this time, you might want a thin pillow or folded towel/blanket to put under the back of your head.

Can I do Somatics on my bed?

​Beds can be very soft and squishy, which makes it easier to over do the movements.
If you must do the class from a bed, please do the moves very gently, slowly and avoid making large, exaggerated motions.
Over time you should find you can get to the floor. I have clients well into their 80s who can, you can too!

I have so many other questions before I start something new...

Please schedule a private session for yourself. Kristin works with clients in person and online. A private session will give you the undivided attention you'd like to get you started on this amazing path to change and growth. You are so worth the investment. :-)