Seated and Standing Somatics | AUDIO Lesson by Kristin Jackson

Seated and Standing Somatics | AUDIO Lesson

A great somatics lesson, you can do anytime, anywhere.

People always ask for Somatics movements they can do while standing and seated, so they can blend them into their daily lives. Voila! Kristin Jackson, Clinical Somatic Educator, shares a safe, simple routine to help you free your tension and pain right now, right where you are.
The lesson is divided into 13 individual audio MP3 recordings, for easy recall. It includes
  • standing, walking and seated assessments (soma scans)
  • movements to release tension in your lower back
  • movements to release tension in your shoulders, chest and neck
  • movements to relax the sides of the body, ideal for those with scoliosis, sciatica, and sore feet, knees and hips
  • a wonderful standing rotational exploration to help with freer walking and easier daily living
This is a basic somatics lesson that builds on the more traditional lying-on-the-floor movements. So it's perfect for those who don't care to get down on the floor right now.

  • space in which to walk around
  • quite space without distractions (no TV, music, pets, etc)
  • a firm seat (chair or stool) without arms. Your feet should reach the floor comfortably with legs at a right angle or greater. Do not use an upholstered chair or couch.
This is an AUDIO recording. Somatics is best done with the eyes closed, to help turn off the occipital part of the brain, thus enhancing the sensory-motor cortex.

This lesson is approximately 50 minutes long.

What's included?

File Icon 13 files


01 Intro to Seated and Standing Somatics Lesson.mp3
1 min
02 standing and walking scan.mp3
8 mins
03 seated scan.mp3
2 mins
04 seated arch and curl.mp3
6 mins
05 seated hip hikers (side bend).mp3
6 mins
06 walking scan 2.mp3
1 min
07 seated flower.mp3
5 mins
08 sit and stand with leg weight awareness.mp3
5 mins
09 standing arch and curl.mp3
6 mins
10 standing hip hikers.mp3
6 mins
11 standing head-to-feet rotational exploration.mp3
9 mins
12 Final scans.mp3
2 mins
13 thank you and continue to reap the benefits of Somatics.mp3
2 mins


I downloaded  a lesson to my computer and did the routine for one week straight. I love it- still going strong. It was surprising how easy the practice it- yet how much my body changed in just one session. I am hooked-- worth every penny.

Tracy D.
Clear instructions, very enjoyable session! I love doing Somatics before bed. I sleep like a baby. Thanks Kristin!

Sarah G