Somatics for SI (Sacroiliac) Joint Pain | AUDIO Lesson by Kristin Jackson

Somatics for SI (Sacroiliac) Joint Pain | AUDIO Lesson

Bye-Bye Royal Pain in the SI!

Well, that should say SI Joint, but ya know what I mean...

Many people have SI joint pain. But what exactly are SI joints and how can they have pain?

We each have two sacroiliac (SI) joints. The SI joints are where the sacrum (bottom section of the spine) meet the right and left iliac bones of the pelvis. While SI joints are not very mobile, they should have some give and play so you can walk, live and move with ease.

Falls, hiking a baby on a hip, slinging a bag over a shoulder, sitting wonky for long periods of time can twist one side of the pelvis so the SI joint is "stuck" and that equals yuck! This audio recording will help your brain sense what is stuck and let it move more freely.

~A PDF of tips for your practice
~The lesson is divided into 13 individual audio MP3 recordings, for easy recall. It includes

  • walking and supine (lying on your back) assessments (soma scans)
  • movements to release tension in your lower back
  • movements to relax the sides of the body
  • movements to release inner and outer thigh muscles including IT bands

Each full-length Somatics lesson Kristin Jackson creates is an original recording, rather than duplicates "cut and pasted" from other lessons.

  • space in which to walk around
  • quite without distractions, (no TV, music, pets, etc)
  • a firm surface on which to lie. It can be a yoga mat, blanket, rug, but squishy beds are not ideal)
  • ability to get down and up from the floor

PLEASE NOTE: This is an AUDIO recording. Somatics is best done with the eyes closed, to help turn off the occipital part of the brain, thus enhancing the sensory-motor cortex.

This lesson is approximately 75 minutes long.

What's included?

File Icon 15 files


01 Intro to Somatics for Sticky SI Joints.mp3
1 min
02 Walking Scan.mp3
5 mins
03 Supine Soma Scan.mp3
7 mins
04 side lying arch and curl.mp3
9 mins
05 back lift.mp3
8 mins
06 head in the tunnel.mp3
10 mins
07 teen on the telephone.mp3
8 mins
08 flower.mp3
7 mins
09 side bend.mp3
8 mins
10 outer hip & IT band release.mp3
6 mins
11 inner thigh release.mp3
7 mins
12 supine soma scan 2.mp3
2 mins
13 walking scan 2.mp3
3 mins
14 continue to reap the benefits of Somatics.mp3
1 min
Somatics Tips from Think Somatics.pdf
115 KB


Another great audio by Kristin! If you have and any lower back or S.I joint issues. Kristin has a wonderful relaxing tone, her clear instructions really help you glide through this audio with ease. I highly recommend it! x

Sarah G., UK