Lessons for Fuller Living

Take the Stairs and Hills with Ease | An AUDIO Somatics Lesson

Release tension in your whole body, specifically your waist and hips, so you can get up, down and around in your daily life with ease. 

The Daily Supple-ment | 2 AUDIO downloadable lessons

Brand new to Somatics? This is the best place to start!

This lesson is also included in the Think Somatics Online Classroom 

Sleep Soundly with Somatics | Two VIDEO Lessons

Two video lessons to help you dissipate the energy of the day, turn off your monkey mind, and drift off to sleep more soundly.

Seated and Standing Lessons

Seated and Standing Somatics | AUDIO Lesson

This is a great lesson for desk workers, commuters and anyone who wants to sneak in a few Somatics moves to their day, any time. anywhere. 

Lessons for Upper Body

Somatics for Breathing, Rib cage and Wrist Pain | AUDIO lesson

Do you have wrist pain? Shortness of breath? Rib "out"? This is a great lesson to free the thoracic region and more.

Neck, Jaw, Face and Shoulders | AUDIO Lesson

You'll be amazed at how much tension is held in this area of the body. Let it go and feel how your  whole body changes.

Let Go of Neck and Shoulder Tension | AUDIO Lesson

Feeling a bit tense in your neck and shoulders? This AUDIO Lesson with Kristin is perfect for you. 

Lessons for Lower Body

Somatics for SI (Sacroiliac) Joint Pain | AUDIO Lesson

Learn how to take care of this critical area of your body. Changes will spread up and down the body too. 

Somatics for Pelvic Floors | An AUDIO LESSON

Go beyond Kegels and take back control of your pelvic floor. This basic lesson brings deeper awareness to your pelvic floor and body.

Somatics for Lower Limbs | An AUDIO Lesson

This lesson will address full body tension patterns as well as IT band, psoas, inner thigh, quads, hamstrings, knees, feet and ankles. 

Happy Feet | A Seated AUDIO Somatics Lesson

Tired of spending money on inserts, special shoes, and still have foot and lower leg pain? Give this lesson a try!

Fix Your Feet With Somatics | VIDEO Lesson

Go from sore feet to happy ones in no time!