The Daily Supple-ment | 2 AUDIO downloadable lessons by Kristin Jackson

The Daily Supple-ment | 2 AUDIO downloadable lessons

An All Around Great Somatics Routine

Give this somatics routine 3 weeks and see how it changes your body and your life. This routine is based on Thomas Hanna's Cat Stretch routine. It helps you feel more limber and relaxed. Your brain will relearn to move your spine in all the directions it has lost due to stress, injuries, and inactivity.

This package includes:
  • PDF of tips to get the most out of your Somatics practice
  • One 60+ minute audio lesson of the Daily Supplement, including before and after assessment/scans, plus 8 individually recorded movement lessons that flow from lesson to lesson so you really learn the nuances of the movements
  • One compact audio lesson of the Daily Supple-ment, that you can use once you have a full understanding of the 8 movements. This compact lesson runs just under 30 minutes.

This lesson is done predominately lying on the floor.

​You will need:
* a quiet space with no distractions (TV, pets, music etc)
* space to lie down with legs and arms lengthened on the floor
* ability to get down and up from the floor
​* optional pillow or yoga block
* optional yoga mat, blanket or rug... no padding, if you prefer
​This is item contains 2 AUDIO LESSONS, approximately 95 minutes total.

What's included?

Video Icon 2 videos File Icon 1 file


Somatics Tips from Think Somatics.pdf
115 KB
Daily Supplement (Long Version) recording
(1h 12m 24s)
daily supplement (brief version) recording
30 mins


Love the audio format so I can close my eyes and focus on the movements and what I am feeling. I find the last two exercises more challenging so often skip them. However, after a few weeks I already notice great results in terms of a more flexible lower back, better connection with my abdominal muscles, less back tension and pain and just feeling more relaxed in general. I wish I lived near Kristin so I could attend lessons in person!
Rosalind C., Hong Kong