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Enroll in the Think Somatics Online Classroom and start reaping the benefits of Somatic Education anytime, anywhere! Enjoy an ever-expanding library of online lessons Kristin Jackson records in her  Portland, Oregon studio. 
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I've taken Kristin's group classes, online courses and 1-on-1 sessions and benefitted deeply from each format. Her instruction is clear, fun, safe  and accessible. The Somatics work is so safe and gentle, yet profoundly transformative. It's a practice of self-liberation through inquiry and intuitive movement. It gives a person D-I-Y skills of self-reliance from pain pills and dependency on expensive adjustments from various body work styles.
Kristin reminds me to thank my brain, because it's re-educating my muscles into finding relaxation and homeostasis.
Emily R, Vancouver, WA
Hi Kristin! I have been practicing the movements.... I have noticed some interesting shifts in my psyche and body. I am much more aware of when I tense up and I feel more space/less compression in my spine and neck. I have much less pain. :-)  Thank you. You are a wonderful teacher. :-) 
MW, Paris, France
I had sciatica years ago, which eventually resolved. Decades later it returned with a vengeance. I couldn't move without 10+ pain! I couldn't walk without the aid of my trekking poles. I worked with Kristin online. She immediately assessed the situation, helped me lower my anxiety level, gave me some gentle safe movements to practice a bit every day, and within two days I was totally pain free!  Wish I knew about Somatics years ago! :-)
Micki, Bellingham, WA
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Hi there, I'm Kristin Jackson, a certified Clinical Somatic Educator and Holistic Fitness Specialist. 

If you're like me you've had your fair share of injuries and accidents. You get by but you don't function as well as you use to. And you feel it.

For me my body finally revolted when I was hit by a car while riding my bike. The things I took for granted-- walking, working out, gardening--just plain hurt. I tried what you probably try; massage, physical therapy, chiropractic, etc. but nothing lasted, some made things worse.

Then I Discovered Clinical Somatics

Somatics is the missing link to pain relief.  Think about this: Why are humans the only species on the planet that take their bodies to other people to "fix' them?

Once I learned the secret of Somatics, it made perfect sense and became the ultimate solution to chronic pain I experienced.

Somatics puts you in charge of self-soothing and self-regulating your responses to stress and pain.

See, the brain controls how the whole system--that system which is you and your body--including how your muscles contract and release.

But when we experience injuries, stressors, accidents, repetitive activities, our brains learn how to contract muscles over and over, without releasing them to their true resting length.

The result is Sensory Motor Amnesia. The sensory motor cortex has lost clear neurological control of how your body functions, resulting in tension patterns that cause pain and "aging". See, its not your age, it's your brain! :-)

Luckily we are blessed with amazing nervous systems that want to find peace and equilibrium. And we have brains that are "plastic" meaning they can change at any age.

So how do you change your brain to change your body?  By doing gentle somatic movements called pandiculations.  You learn to sense where your tension patterns are, release your muscles to their natural resting length, and reclaim your freedom of movement and joy for life!

When you join the Online
 Classroom you'll enjoy pandiculation lessons that address:
  • low back pain
  • neck and shoulder pain
  • insomnia
  • anxiety and depression  
  • knee, foot and hip pain
  • carpal tunnel
  • scoliosis
  • pelvic floor disorders
  • TMJ disorder
  • sciatica and piriformis syndrome 
  • shortness of breath and brain fog
  • digestive issues
  • and a whole lot more

Somatics works because it's addressing the root of all movement and functioning: the brain!

I've worked with clients after a stroke, with scoliosis, torn meniscus, chronic hip and back pain, frozen shoulder, pelvic floor disorders. The list goes on. When they quickly learn how to take back control of their bodies, so many ask, "Why don't more people know about Somatics?!"

Why? Because it's such a paradigm shift to go from taking our bodies to someone else, to being able to self sense and self correct, just by being more aware of how we use our bodies and laying down new neural pathways between the brain and body. But the time has come. The world is in such need for Somatic Education.

That's why I'm so glad you are here!

Folks are reaping the benefits of Somatics around the world. And you can too! At the current time there are a very limited number of certified Clinical Somatic Educators in the world. That's why I make it my mission to provide ONLINE somatics lessons.

Enroll in theThink Somatics Online Classroom, an ever-expanding library of recorded lessons to "attend" anytime, anywhere.

Learn how to let go of what's holding you back.

I look forward to sharing with the world the wonders of Somatics with you in the Online Classroom!

May we all find peace and equilibrium.

Peace, love and pandiculations to you all,

Kristin Jackson
Certified Clinical Somatic Educator
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Do you ever wonder why humans are the only species on the planet that takes their bodies to someone else to "fix" them? Find out the missing key to maintaining freedom and autonomy in your body and life. 


Hey Kristin! I've learned how "fix" myself and fix every pain, every time.  Heel pain. Back pain.  Foot pain.  All from a chair.  Normally I would be calling my chiropractor.  I think those days are finally over. I am very thankful. I just wanted you to know and to say thank you.
Pat, Canby, Oregon
Thank you Kristin! I have loved the online somatics classes. I feel so blessed to have found you online as there are no somatics practitioners here in Cape Town. I have been struggling with chronic pain and tightness and Somatics is helping me find release and empowering me to be my own practitioner. You articulate the process so well and I look forward to more.
Lisa, Cape Town, South Africa
Somatics has changed my life. To not be in constant pain is such a relief. When I first started I felt instant changes and almost couldn't believe how simple it is. I do my Somatics movements everyday with the knowledge that it is so beneficial to and for me. ​Many thanks, Kristin!
Sue, Portland, Oregon


I'm a complete newbie? Where should I start?

If you are brand new, I suggest you start with the Freeing the Whole Body 4-lesson series, part of the Online Classroom. It's an awesome set of routines to get you started, or for a refresher. If you are in need of special care, schedule an initial private lesson with me. I can work with you online, in my Portland OR studio, or when I'm on the road teaching. 

Is the Online Classroom streaming or downloadable?

All of the online classroom lessons are streaming. No downloading or storage space required! All you need is WiFi and your device of choice.

I think of myself as a "visual learner," so I'm wondering if the audio lessons will work for me...

​Fitness classes are fast paced and you want to watch the instructor. Somatics is different. I  guide through your lessons, slowly and with detailed descriptions. And you know what?  In my studio classes students have eyes closed as they listen to verbal cues.
Because these lessons have been taught to a live group before, I include a short video or photo of a particular move that might require visual guidance.
If you have a quick question, email me with the recording name and time on the lesson.
If you have lots of questions, please schedule a private lesson. (You'll get a recording of that lesson too. :-) 

Is Somatics suitable for me?

Somatics can help everyone! From those in pain to athletes wanting to enhance their game, and people of any gender, any age.
Somatics classes are not exercise classes. They are classes to enhance your brain's sensory-motor awareness of yourself via gentle, slow movement.
​Information shared in the lessons  is not meant to replace or negate medical advice. Talk with your health care providers about somatics. We encourage you to make your own health care decisions based upon your own research and in partnership with your health professionals.

Can I do Somatics on my bed?

​Beds can be very soft and squishy, which makes it easier to over do the movements.
If you must do the class from a bed, please do the moves very gently, slowly and avoid making large, exaggerated motions.
Over time you should find you can get to the floor. I have clients well into their 80s who can, you can too!

Can I share my membership with a friend?

No. One membership per household please. Thank you!

Are monthly memberships based on calendar months or from date of activation?

Your monthly membership starts the day you enroll and renews each month on the same date. 

Can I cancel at anytime?

Yes, you can cancel your account at any time.
Your account will terminate at the last day of your current billing cycle (at the end of the month or the year, depending on your original purchase.) There are no prorated refunds.

What if I have questions about a lesson?

Check out the posts (above) I share when I add new classes. You can comments and ask questions there. Or contact me on my website.

What are the terms of my membership?

Your Think Somatics Online Classroom membership is billed monthly or annually, depending on your original sign up, using the credit card information you provide at enrollment. You can cancel at any time. ​Cancellations take effect the last day of your billing cycle and are not prorated. This means you can cancel any time, and still have access to the classroom through the end of your billing cycle.  
Each membership is for a single person/household. Please don't share your membership with others. Information given within the Online Classroom may not be redistributed in any format without written permission.

Do I need any special equipment for Somatics?

Ultimately the only things you need for somatics is your brain, body, and quiet time.
That said, most classes are done lying on the floor, so you might want a mat, blanket or rug.
You might want a pillow for some of the side-lying movements.
​Some classes are done standing and seated.
If we do a seated class, a chair or stool with a flat seat and no arms are best. Avoid leaning back on the seat back too.
​I might throw in some fun, optional explorations using things you might have around the house. Optional is the key word. :-)

How long are the lessons?

Some lessons are brief, between 10 and 30 minutes. 
Some are around an hour. 
The the moves are broken down in each lesson so anyone can follow along. You can practice a lesson multiple times, and then not have to break them down. Kind of like learning to dance. Learn the steps, then do the dance straight through. :-)

Think Somatics Online Learning

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