New Introductory Think Somatics Class
August 15, 2019
Hey everyone! 

Many folks have asked that I make one continuous-playing introductory lesson, vs having to stop and hit play for many short videos of individual movements. 

I agree! It's nicer to just be guided through a full lesson, like what I create for those enrolled in the Think Somatics Online Classroom. 

Things to know about the Think Somatics Introductory Class: 
  • learn to release tension in the chest, belly, inner thighs
  • relax shoulders, neck and back
  • lengthen and open the waist and hips
  • re-educate the brain to move the body in contralateral rotational movement
  • includes commonly known somatics moves
  •  a variation on common one (the side bend)
  • plus one I've created exclusively for my students 
    (a way to do the seated twist without sitting!)
  • It's a video lesson
  • It about 30 minutes long
  • you may want a pillow or yoga block when we do the side-lying moves
  • it's done on the floor 

If you have questions or comments, please leave them below. 

I'm so glad you are here! Enjoy! 



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